Mistakes Grow Your Brain

Whether you are studying for an exam or training for a sport, when things go as planned your brain functions normally, but whenever you are experienced to either mistakes or some shortfalls your brain works in overdrive. This is because it is seemly trying to figure out what went wrong and thus try to fix or make sense of the problem. Studies have shown that this happens in the form of synapses firing, which are electric signals that move between parts of the brain when learning occurs. Thus even if you yourself are not aware of any error, your brain main in fact subliminally being working in the background trying to figure it out. When mistakes occur, even if you don't see the mistake, such as an incorrect math problem, your brain is challenged and it has a tendency to grow when challenged.

Now the good part of this knowledge is that we should not feel worried or scared of studying or trying to learn something new. We should instead feel confident in eventually understanding any topic we may want to learn. We should also not worry if we fail or make mistakes but rather view our mistakes as an opportunity to grow and learn even more!

Source: https://www.youcubed.org/think-it-up/mistakes-grow-brain

Mistakes Grow Your Brain
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