Final Exam Memes

The best and funniest final exam memes!

50 minute break Summer School Tomorrow When Your Parents Say You Can Get Married When You Finish Education Why Do Grades Go A, B, C, D, F? Where is E?
When The Entire Class is Arguing About The Answer... When You In Class And Throw Paper Ball In trash When Falling Asleep Feels the Easiest My Grades Are Bad And I Should Feel Bad
When You Open A Pack Of Gum At School When you know your going to fail Trying To Bring Up My Grades What I Learned For Finals Is...
Finish Studying?? Good Differentiating e^x Is Not Very Effective According To Pokemon The Due Date Inspired Me To Write This Essay. I Have No Idea What I Am Doing
Things I Hear During Finals Pie Chart Trying to Hold my Grades up like.. Not Sure If I Quit Caring About Grades.. Teacher Does Not Accept Late Papers...
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